KM - Conventional key system with trademark protection for industrial buildings

The CES key section series KM is a conventional key system with trademark protection for industrial buildings.

System description

  • DIN 18252/EN 1303 compliant
  • Conforming to VdS standards 2156 and 2386 for individual locking cylinders and locking systems
  • 5, 6 or 7 nickel silver pin tumblers on each locking side
  • The first driver pin and at least one of the first three key pins made of hardened steel (as an additional anti-drilling protection)
  • Anti-picking feature with specially designed driver pins for effective protection against break-open tools
  • Guiding groove over the cylinder plug for positive transfer of the key torque
  • Strong nickel silver keys conforming to DIN standard, suitable for commercial armatures with cylinder covering
  • The contours of the key section represent the registered trademark
  • Key blanks with legal protection for an indefinite period of time
  • Manufacturer's key section for use in master key systems and grand master key systems
  • Also available in British and Scandinavian profile