VdS certified security cylinder 810 RE plus - "Best Product"

Rated "Best Product" in the practical test of the selbst ist der Mann DIY magazine - the security cylinder 810 RE plus

A variety of locking elements ensure highest locking precision and protection against picking.  The security cylinder has a patented locking element which works in opposite direction tracing a cam in the key.  This not only offers protection against unauthorized duplication of the key but also makes the cylinder bump-proof by offering protection against picking by the so-called rapping technique.

With its lateral locking elements and an additional patented bump-proof security feature, the CES security cylinder 810 RE plus gives burglars a really hard time.

  • As from basic length of 27.5/27.5 mm
  • Special key section
  • Locking on both sides
  • High-quality anti-drilliing and anti-pulling protection
  • High-quality protection against the rapping technique
  • Satin nickel plated finish
  • 5 nickel silver keys
  • Security card
  • Care and fitting instructions
  • Supplied in sealed plastic box

Each cylinder is unique and has its individual registration number which is engraved on the keys and the cylinder and is noted on a security card.  Replacement keys are only available from authorized dealers against presentation of this security card.

The security cylinder can be operated from both sides.  So in an emergency, it is still possible to lock and unlock the cylinder from the outside when a key is inserted on the inside.