TS007 - 3-Star Euro Profile Cylinders with BSI Kitemark™ Approval

High Security Cylinders for use with security enhanced performance doorset assemblies

This feature has been developed to meet the TS007 3-Star Standard for Cylinder Locks with Kitemark Approval. It offers protection against forceful attacks in which a burglar might attempt to break off (“snap”) the cylinder lock. A predetermined breaking point and a sophisticated locking mechanism ensure that even after the cylinder body has been snapped on the outside, the attacker cannot gain access to the cam. While on the outside, the rotating mechanism is blocked, the lock can still be locked and unlocked from the inside using the key or thumbturn depending on variant used. This is particularly important for emergencies like fire.

As standard, the front part of the cylinder is provided with highly effective anti-drilling, anti-pulling and anti-bump technology. In addition, the section between the predetermined breaking point and the cam is protected against drilling by hardened metal elements.


  • Available across all CEScylinder Products
  • Backward compatibility for use in existing system
  • Available across our range of CESflavours Finishes
  • Various lengths available including offsets
  • Thumbturn Variants
  • Available keyed to differ, keyed alike or as part of a master key system
  • Available with three key change function