OMEGA FLEX Home & Office

More than locking and unlocking

An electronic access control solution from the successful OMEGA FLEX family is now available for smaller business enterprises and home or flat owners. The CES OMEGA FLEX Home & Office package includes an electronic cylinder with VdS approval for a high level of protection against forced entry and five electronic keys. Additional benefits of this electronic solution are its fool proof installation and the easy programming with Master media, without requiring a computer or software.

More convenience, more security

With CES OMEGA FLEX Home & Office, you can benefit from all the advantages of a state-of-the-art electronic cylinder for your entrance door.

Fast installation

Installing a CES OMEGA FLEX Home & Office electronic cylinder is as easy as can be. The system is battery operated and the shape of the electronic cylinder is the same as that of a mechanical cylinder. So simply remove the mechanical cylinder, fit the electronic cylinder, and that’s all there is to it.

Simple programming

For programming the electronic cylinder, you do not even need a PC. The electronic keys are programmed directly at the electronic cylinder. It is as simple as that.

Easy deletion of a lost key

Should an electronic key be lost, the electronic cylinder can be re-programmed at once.

High protection against forced entry

CES OMEGA FLEX Home & Office electronic cylinders are approved by VdS, the German testing institution for fire protection and security.