Corporate guidelines

The basis of our corporate activity

CES is one of the leading manufacturers of locking systems and electronic access control systems. Continuing our long tradition into the future, we want to provide generations to come with high-quality and innovative security systems which offer a reliable and convenient protection to both people and their valuables.

Being an independent, family-owned enterprise, we are committed to maintaining reliable and sustainable relations with our business partners. However, to achieve this goal, lasting financial independence is required. To maintain this independence as a supplier of innovative developments in the long run, we endeavour to achieve a return on sales of 10% with continuous growth.

CES acknowledges its responsibility to the owner family, the employees at all locations, the social environment and the region of Velbert/Niederberg in Germany. Compliance with legal obligations and official requirements is a matter of course in our daily dealings.


We want to secure our company growth by offering our national and international customers innovative products, solutions and services which are tailored to our customers’ and market requirements. The cooperation with our customers in the spirit of trust and partnership plays an important role at our company.


CES is a reliable employer for its employees at all of the group locations. Our employees are an essential driver of our corporate success. Our staff is made up of qualified, independent and team-oriented people who fully support and implement our company and leadership guidelines. To secure the employments in the long term, we put great emphasis on employee development and offer corresponding training and development programmes. Leadership posts are preferably filled with internal candidates.


We treat each other in a tolerant and fair manner on an equal footing, and we respect the diversity of personalities. We take care that our employees understand the local requirements of customers and partners, and know and respect the cultural distinctions in the countries in which we do business. When recruiting, we look for the best qualified candidate, irrespective of gender, nationality, ethnic background, religion or philosophical belief system, disability, age or sexual orientation.


The market perceives the products we develop, produce and sell to be innovative and of high quality. They often have unique features. In this context, our product range is continuously evolving. In addition to our core business - mechanical/mechatronic locking systems - we offer niche products designed to lock and safeguard buildings and industrial applications. We also want to expand into other areas, building on our technologies and competences and focusing on the interests of our customers and the consumers.


Everything we do is focused on our customers’ satisfaction, which we steadily increase through continuous improvement efforts. Taking responsibility for the quality of every individual activity is a matter of course at our company.


Our financial policy is aimed at generating an appropriate dividend for our shareholders and at the same time remaining financially independent of third parties (investors, banks). Correspondingly, we pursue a reserving policy that is designed to secure the long-term existence of C.Ed. Schulte GmbH Zylinderschlossfabrik. Investments are financed with our own resources. Financial investments are made with a focus on minimising risks and preserving the value of the money invested.


Efficient and faultless manufacturing of our products, shortest delivery times and high flexibility are the keys to our success. With continuous improvements of the processes and resources, we create unique selling propositions and steadily increase our efficiency, thus securing production in Germany.

Resources and energy management

Using resources in a sustainable manner, and increasing efficiency continuously in our company, are important management tasks for us. A comprehensive, systematic and continual data collection enables us to analyse our processes, to measure our energy consumption and thus to identify potential savings and improvements. A regular evaluation of our management systems and our processes creates a sound basis for our continuous improvement. Each employee contributes his/her share to it. All resources and services to be acquired are subject to a systematic evaluation. Our operative and strategic objectives, and our endeavour to save energy, actively contribute to protect the environment and to reduce CO₂ emissions.


Our suppliers are a very important element in our value chain. Our relationships with them are long-term and based on mutual trust. We expect from our suppliers a maximum of cost efficiency, creativity and flexibility, perfect service and absolute reliability in terms of quality and timeliness.


We continuously advance our agile organisational system. The resulting optimisations generate considerable added value for our business partners and ourselves.


We maintain open and honest communication with our employees and business partners, and where applicable, also with the interested public.

Clear terms of reference and conclusive information are communicated in line with unambiguous rules so that all employees and customers obtain the information relevant to them.

Our promotional statements are credible and in line with our corporate guidelines.