Kulturpalast Dresden


When the concert and event hall was reopened, Dresden got back its old - but clearly enlarged - cultural event hall. When it came to decide about the locking system, the latest reversible WD key system by CES was chosen. Decisive factors were the user-friendly operation, the technical duplication protection thanks to the undercut technology, and in particular the flexibility to adapt to complex requirements and installation situations.

Kulturpalast Dresden equipped with a locking system

The WD reversible key system by CES

Particular challenges due to fire protection

During refurbishing, aspects of fire protection had to be taken into account as well as the historic preservation of the building. To ensure the high demands also with regard to the different users of the door and security technology, the vertical reversible WD key system of CES was chosen in close cooperation with the specialist dealer Ammon. Decisive factors were not only the user-friendly operation and the technical duplication protection, but in particular its flexibility to adapt to complex organisational and installation situations.

The master key system controls the access authorisations

High complexity required

Convincing arguments

Due to the large number of key section variants, the different functional sections of the building can be separated. The philharmonic orchestra concert hall, the central library, and the cabaret hall are used by the respective employees and artists. Some areas, such as the entrances, staircases and lifts, are commonly used by all user groups and members of the public. Due to the high number of key section variants, it was no problem at all to implement separated and commonly used access authorisations.

The short delivery times, but also the combination of legal and technical protection against illegal duplication which ensures the long-term protection of the operator’s investment, were speaking in favour of a locking system made by CES.