CES vario Flex - a modular lock system

Perfectly equipped for every situation with the FIRST AID KIT from CESlocks

In the future, everything a fitter needs to replace a defective lock is a handy FIRST AID KIT.  With its new modular "CES vario Flex" lock system, CESlocks has achieved another key enhancement of the existing "vario" system that will be appreciated by the locksmith services.  Not only will they find themselves perfectly equipped for every situation at the door, they will also be able to reduce their inventory considerably.

Variably adjustable centre distance, backset and frame dimensions

The first step in simplifying the exchange of a lock was the separation of the lock case and the forend in the "CES vario" system. With the innovative and unique lock system "CES vario Flex", CESlocks has taken another step forward: now the most important reference dimensions of the lock, such as the centre distance, the backset and also the frame dimension can be variably adjusted.

This allows the fitter to assemble a maximum of lock variants from a minimum of parts so that he will always be well prepared no matter which situation he is confronted with at the door.  Even for older locks, which previously required replacement parts made to specifications and thus longer delivery times, the modular "CES vario Flex" system provides a perfect immediate solution.

The new system comprises a lock case with the basic backset of 30 mm.  By simply pushing on the spacer strips included in the package, the backset can be increased to as much as 45 mm (in 5 mm increments).  As delivered, the lock case is set for a centre distance of 92 mm. If a distance of 72 mm is required, it can quickly and easily be pushed together to the desired dimension after releasing two screws with the supplied Allen key.  The assembly kit also includes dead bolt and latch bolt heads appropriate for the respective backset.  With different flat forends starting with a width of 16 mm and the 24x6 mm U-section forend, every possible lock variant can be reproduced.  Moreover, two reducer sleeves permit a reduction of the follower from 10 mm to 8 and 9 mm respectively.

Fitting is very simple and can always be performed by following the easy to understand instructions that come with the kit.  To complete the modular kit again after use, only those parts have to be reordered that were consumed.  For this purpose, CESlocks offers appropriate retrofit kits based on the backset.

Using this innovative lock system, the locksmith service can minimize the number of parts carried in stock and thus significantly reduce its capital expenditure.