CEStronics Suite software with new features

Responding to the requirements and wishes of its customers, CEStronics has optimized the software for the OMEGA Active and OMEGA Mifare systems and has included further helpful functions.  

Professional Partner Software with multi-system capability

With its Professional Partner Software, CEStronics provides its professional partners with a software that enables them to manage several locking systems from a single PC and thus extend their service offering for their customers.

Apart from management, the new software also allows programming and event evaluation for different electronic locking systems of the customers. In combination with the CEStronics RF-Stick, this ensures a very convenient locking system management.

In its basic version, the Professional Partner Software permits the management of up to five locking systems of final customers.

Integrated Journal function

The Journal function allows the administrator or another authorized user of the software to reproduce all inputs and actions performed with the software.

On the one hand, this Journal is a means of control which allows you to check who made which inputs at which time. On the other hand, it helps managing complex locking systems because it gives the user the opportunity to review which steps he or she has performed.

All inputs are stored for a period of twelve months and then are overwritten on a first-in/first-out basis. This way the most recent input inventory for a whole year can be retrieved.

Access Logger presents events on the screen

The new Access Logger now permits a real-time display of access and system events directly on the screen. As with conventional access control systems, the events are indicated in a section of the screen as they are generated. This way, the user always has a clear view of all activities in the locking system.

More control and security with Presence Checker

With the new presence checking module, you can check at any time whether or not there are any persons in a building or in specific parts of a building and if so, where they are. For this purpose, the locking devices are assigned an “entering” (coming) and “exiting” (going) function. So should an evacuation be necessary, this will e.g. allow you to use the PA system and specifically address certain areas to alert the persons inside and ask them to leave the building.

More control through personalized lists and views

A significant simplification of the management of complex locking systems is provided by the new options for list printing and views. Apart from a printout of the locking plan, it is now also possible to generate and print a personalized list of issued media or keys.

Thanks to adjustments of the editors for locking devices, the CEStronics Suite software now offers an opportunity to see at a glance which key is authorized for which locking device. A single click on the device immediately shows which keys and thus which persons have been granted access authorization. This also works the other way round: If you click on a person or the locking medium, you can readily see which door or doors this persons is authorized to lock and unlock. For all of these views, the software offers flexible editing and printing options.