Wall terminals for your access control system

Wall terminals allow you to control special applications at your entry points.

Wall terminals are used for access control on your automatic doors, sliding doors, revolving doors, barrier systems and rolling and sliding gates.

Different designs of the wall terminals are available for both indoor and outdoor use. Variants are also available for areas with high security requirements or for doorways or passages for which both entry and exit require authorisation, in which the reader unit and the sensitive electronics can be installed separately.

To optimise integration into your premises, we offer housings that match the current switch ranges from GIRA, Merten, BuschJaeger and Jung.

For door communication, the wall terminals are compatible with Siedle and Telecom Behnke.

Wall terminals complete the access control system


We offer the following models:
Wall terminal construction: compact or separate
Weatherproof housing
Various switch ranges

Standard wall terminals

Wall terminal CES OMEGA FLEX
  • Compact construction: fits existing 60-mm switch boxes
  • Separate construction: Reader and controller are separate units

Weatherproof housing

Weatherproof wall terminals CES OMEGA FLEX
  • Weatherproof version (IP55)

Various switch ranges

Wall terminals in various switch ranges CES OMEGA FLEX
  • Wall terminals are available in the housings of various switch ranges.
  • Illustration: Gira Esprit Glass
  • Other examples: Telecom Behnke, Siedle


Add updates and open doors quickly and securely in one step
  • The Update-Terminal updates authorisations on the access media. Authorisations are thus added or deleted.
  • The media and controller of the door opener are updated with each read operation.
  • Update-Terminal with WT-B-I for indoor use. Reader and controller are contained in the same housing.
  • Update-Terminal with WT-B II for use in security-critical areas. Two housings, i.e. reader and controller are separate.
  • Weatherproof variant for outdoor use

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