New vertical reversible key system

WD range from CES combines high standards of security, convenience of use and technical protection against unauthorized duplication of the key

Security has many dimensions. For upscale industrial and commercial buildings, burglar protection and forgery-proof and convenient locking media are particularly important features. With its WD range, CES-Gruppe of Velbert (Germany) has developed a new vertical reversible key system that satisfies all requirements builders may have on complex master key and grandmaster key systems. The new system can be ordered since June 2014.

“Users often perceive vertical systems as ergonomically more comfortable than horizontal systems because the locking motion does not result in overtwisting the wrist, and the vertical insertion of the key is in line with the familiar locking routine,” explains CES product manager Theo Piotrowski.


“Apart from a user-friendly feel and look of the keys, high performing security features were prime objectives of our product designers and engineers in the development of this new key series.” A multi-paracentric cylinder profile in which the central axis is not only touched but overlapped several times ensures an effective protection against manipulation attempts with picking tools already in the basic version of the cylinder.

Technical protection against unauthorized key copying

Technical protection against an unauthorized duplication of the key is another focal area of CES. The keys of the WD series not only have dimples and permutation curves but also additional ribs and grooves in the section that make it possible to map complex functions. One feature of the key section is a double undercut that is actively scanned inside the cylinder. Common techniques used to produce unauthorized keys, such as copy milling, do not stand a chance.

High locking convenience

Thanks to the long key shank, these locking media are also suitable for protective armatures with cylinder covering. And with the large key head, higher torques can be transferred without effort, quite convenient especially for modern doors with high thermal insulation or for use by persons with limited mobility of the hand. Another plus: the mechanical keys can be conveniently combined with an electronic access control system from CES, a particularly attractive benefit for those looking for reliable combined solutions from a single source. The patent protection is valid until 2030 which also ensures the long-term protection of the builder’s investment. Depending on the version, the WD system complies with the highest requirements of the DIN and EN standards.

Available as from 1 June 2014 in the rapid delivery programme

“As with all CES products, our objective for the WD key system is to satisfy the market demand for upscale security solutions that are not only state-of-the-art but state-of-tomorrow’s-art,” says Product Manager Piotrowski. To enable CES customers to put together their security package without delay, CES has included the vertical reversible key system in its rapid delivery programme. Since June 2014, consignments are despatched within 48 hours as from the receipt of the order, so CES customers benefit from schedule effectiveness right from the start.

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New vertical reversible key system
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WD range from CES combines high standards of security, convenience of use and technical protection against unauthorized duplication of the key
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