OMEGA FLEX - simply ingenious

New cylinder generation OMEGA FLEX

Easiest fitting, flexible planning, highest security

OMEGA FLEX is the new electronic cylinder generation from CEStronics and the name says it all: OMEGA FLEX affords an unparalleled degree of flexibility as regards fitting, planning, locking media and programming. The completely newly modular design allows superior fitting flexibility since the smart electronics knob can be simply pushed on the cylinder. Planners benefit from flexibility because these new generation cylinders are available in versions for applications of all kinds and sizes—for the mechatronic fitting of an individual door just as for complex organizations with hundreds of entrances and thousands of users. Also flexibility as regards the locking media is ensured since OMEGA FLEX is compatible with Mifare and Legic ID systems and offers a wide range of integration options through the use of corresponding transponders. And last but not least, this new range offers utmost flexibility when it comes to programming: you have the choice between Master cards, RF-Sticks for the offline programming or Access Points for the central online programming.

Important for CES dealers: as a first step into OMEGA FLEX world, CEStronics offers Partner Sets which include everything you need to test and demonstrate OMEGA FLEX: a netbook with the CEStronics software for the convenient programming of the cylinders and an OMEGA FLEX electronics cylinder with locking media. The CEStronics Software Suite allows security system managers to operate and manage an unlimited number of customer locking systems with one and the same software solution without having to use additional equipment.

Flexibility in fitting, commissioning and maintenance

With OMEGA FLEX, CEStronics presents a highly flexible all-in-one solution which meets all property and customer requirements. The push-on outside knob not only accommodates a highly capable and at the same time energy efficient electronics module but also an easily replaced CR2 lithium battery sufficient for over 40,000 locking cycles and a standby life of more than four years.

The innovative mechatronic design with its smart coupling system allows a fast, simple and hence cost-saving fitting.

It is as simple as this: You insert the OMEGA FLEX cylinder, tighten the fixing screw, push on the electronics module and tighten the knob, that’s all. For disassembly of the knob and the easy battery replacement, a special tool is available. The use of an emergency power supply is no longer required.

Of course the new OMEGA FLEX cylinder provides the highest anti-drilling and anti-pulling protection: it meets all the requirements of the VdS 2156 BZ+ standard. The processor-controlled coupling system, which is securely arranged within the cylinder, provides effective protection against smart manipulation with magnetic, kinetic or other “traceless” attacks. Only after authentication can it be actuated with the electronics knob and the suitable locking medium.

Flexibility in versions and variants – safe quotation

With OMEGA FLEX, CEStronics partners are perfectly equipped for any door and fitting situation. The planner can prepare a quotation without any risk even if not all door types have been defined. Apart from double knob cylinders, also single knob (half) cylinders e.g. for use in key-operated switches or cabinet locks as well as maintenance-free panic lock cylinders (with defined cam position) for doors on escape and rescue routes are available.

For connecting doors, dual cylinders with readers on both sides are on offer. In public buildings, for example, such cylinders with readers on either side ensure that no door can be locked from the inside by anyone who is not authorized to do so.

All OMEGA FLEX cylinders are available in different levels of functionality, as NoTime and Time variants or as a NET variant with integrated Time function. Upon request, the recording of access events can be disabled by the manufacturer.

The electronics knob has a diameter of only 30 mm which makes for a contemporary, sleek look and allows fitting even in narrow stile doors with the smallest backset (25 mm). For the mechanical knob on the inside, you can choose from the full range of CES knob shapes allowing you to find the perfect match for your individual door design.

The materials used not only give a high quality impression in look and function but are also extremely reliable, durable and resistant to environmental influences. As an option, the cylinder knobs are also available with an anti-bacterial coating for health-care applications or with a soft-touch coating for enhanced feel.

Flexibility in the locking media

OMEGA FLEX cylinders can be operated with contactless ID cards or tags or transponders on combination keys. They are compatible with the Mifare ID system so they can be easily integrated in already existing Mifare systems. All ISO 14443 A transponder media will be accepted. In addition to Mifare Classic transponders, also the highly secure DESFire EV1 transponders can be used. Later this year, LEGIC prime and LEGIC advant applications will become available in the OMEGA FLEX range in both offline and online versions.