175 Years CES

An exciting story in four acts

When Heinrich Schulte decides to set up on his own as a locksmith, this is a courageous step. Much earlier than his contemporaries in Velbert, he has realized that the world is undergoing a sea change. Wanting to keep pace with the rapid developments, he is aware that he must adapt old manufacturing methods to put his young enterprise on a sustainable footing.

Also today, 175 years later, the company remains true to the insights and the philosophy of its founder. The current transformation is referred to as “Industry 4.0” – the fourth and most recent of a series of industrial revolutions.

The first revolution was started by the introduction of the steam engine, the second by automation and the introduction of assembly lines and the third came about by the integration of electronics and data processing in the manufacturing processes.

With Industry 4.0, we are now approaching the point of full digitization and customization of manufacturing technologies. The Internet-driven transformation of the industry comprises the technological transition from the current production engineering to a smart networking of man and machine. These four phases of the industrial revolution are also reflected in the development of CES and mark important turning points in the corporate history.

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