Access control

Modular access control system AccessOne

The AccessOne access control system allows you to reliably manage which persons are authorised to enter particular areas or rooms. Unauthorised persons are refused access.

No matter how large or small your premises are, how many entrances are secured or how many people require authorisation, AccessOne will meet your needs. 

Needs-based access control

The best of both worlds

AccessOne lets you combine a conventional, cabled, online access control system with offline, mechatronic locking devices.

  • Control and monitor access to security-sensitive areas online.
  • Manage authorisations for employees, visitors and service providers online.
  • Combine online functionality and security with straightforward offline access control.
  • All with one system and one and the same software.
  • Integration into third-party systems possible.
Update-Terminal opens and writes current authorisations onto the locking medium

AccessOne access control system

Access with added value

AccessOne is a modular access control system that meets your needs in all areas, be they scalability, locking media technology or security:

Flexibly scalable access control

Can be expanded from a solution for SMEs with a few doors and small numbers of staff to the full version for very large companies with complex organisational and security requirements.

  • 16,000 readers
  • 100,000 offline locking devices
  • 200,000 locking media/ID cards

Up-to-date, secure locking media technologies

AccessOne uses the latest
MIFARE® DESFire and LEGIC advant RFID technologies for its locking media.

  • CES electronic key
  • ID card in ISO format
  • Key fob
  • Locking media already in use by the customer

High system security

  • Communication with 128-bit end-to-end AES encryption
  • Adjustable, automatic software logout
  • Process monitoring with automatic restart if an error occurs
  • Fail safety with optional UPS concepts
  • Fail safety with optional server redundancy concept

Manage access control conveniently from your PC with our software

Access control software

Scalable, licence-based, multi-functional

AccessOne software is scalable. You purchase a basic licence to suit your company size and the number of access points and access media; this licence can be easily upgraded with additional licences when necessary.

Separate modules are additionally available for specific access control functions.  Here are just a few examples:

  • ID card creation
  • Multi-Client function
  • Visitor administration
  • Parking area management
  • Third-party supplier administration

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Export Department

Online and offline in combination

Control and monitor security-relevant doors with complex requirements online. Doors with a purely organisational function can meanwhile be equipped with mechatronic offline locking devices, securely and wirelessly. AccessOne, the intelligent access control system, makes both possible.

Controller and reader

Readers are installed on external doors, automatic barriers, main entrances and other exposed places. These are continuously linked to the access control system via the intelligent controller. Individual access rights for each door, gate and automatic barrier can be defined and managed in the access control system database. The readers recognise authorised locking media and grant access. At the same time, the readers also update the locking media.

Access control: turnstile with entry and exit reader

Mechatronic offline locking devices

Authorisations are stored in the locking medium (ID card)

Offline locking devices function autonomously and are installed without cables. This makes for a significant cost saving compared to a cabled access control solution. Authorisations are stored on the ID cards. When an authorised ID is placed over the reader of an offline locking device, the authorisation is checked and the door can be opened. Simultaneously, the locking device can write other information (events, status messages) onto the ID card. Offline locking devices are powered by one or more batteries, which provide sufficient power for many thousands of operations.

Various door situations

Wireless and simple to use with any door. In addition to the standard double knob cylinder, a range of designs and certified variants are available for functional doors.

Handle sets
Convenient to use

Offline electronic handle sets are available for both indoor and outdoor doors, tubular frame and solid doors and for functional doors with the relevant certifications.

Control function

Offline wall terminals are used on doors where electric strikes or automatic functions are required but no cabled infrastructure is available, yet they offer a secure and above all an economic solution for access control.

Furniture Lock

The RFID furniture lock replaces mechanical locks on office cupboards, lockers and drawers, and is easy to retrofit. The locks are quickly and simply mounted on the outer side of the cabinet door without additional boxes or cabling.


OSS Standard Offline

Locking devices are compatible with OSS

All mechatronic locking devices are compatible with the OSS Standard Offline and support both MIFARE DESFire and LEGIC RFID systems.

The OSS standard, together with the easy-to-use configuration tools from CES, allow simple integration and make it easy to combine mechatronic locking devices in conventional access control systems.

Find out more about OSS
Kompatibel zu OSS Standard Offline

Access control in a hospital

Industry-specific experience

Our specialist knowledge is your advantage

CES has been planning and implementing access solutions for industry, business, administration and the traffic management, health and training sectors for several decades now. 

We can apply the wealth of experience gained from these projects to create the perfect access solution for you.

The basis for your access control

A partner who listens to you

We take note of your requirements and work with you to develop a viable concept, including, if necessary, for the entire property and every single door. 

We can plan your access control system in stages and implement it step by step, to suit your needs and budget. Future expansions are taken into consideration from the planning stage.

With our many years of experience, our competent employees, our service concept and our wide product spectrum, we are your dependable, long-term partner.

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We plan your access control system competently and with an eye to the future.