Electronic locking systems

Time-related and person-related access rights

With electronic locking systems you can determine who is authorised to access where at what time. If a key gets lost, it is quickly and easily deleted from the system. Your locking system remains in a safe state.

CESentry cloud based locking solution

Access to everything that matters

CESentry is a cloud-based, electronic locking system. It consists of a user-friendly organisation system and modern locking and access devices. 
The system is set up and managed via the CESentry AdminApp or the CESentry web client. Access authorisations are managed and stored securely in the cloud.
The locking devices are operated either with a smartphone and the CESentry AccessApp or with RFID media.

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Access Control AccessOne

Modular access control system

AccessOne organises access control in medium-sized and large companies, in municipal facilities and wherever areas need to be reliably protected. Control and monitor security-relevant doors with complex requirements online. Equip doors with organisational functions mechatronically and control them securely and wirelessly. The intelligent AccessOne access control system makes both possible. The integration of various security and facility management systems is possible.

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Electronic locking system for the contract business

The electronic CES OMEGA FLEX locking system offers user-friendly access control for offices, industry, hospitals, sports complexes, educational institutions and public administrations. From battery-operated electronic cylinders and electronic handle sets to wall terminals – the mechatronic components can easily be integrated into any existing doors without extensive buildings measures.

CES OMEGA FLEX electronic locking system


Cloud-based key and lock management

CESeasy is a battery-operated motor cylinder which is operated by smartphone.

Digital keys can be issued to any desired smartphone combined with a short-term or constant authorisation, and they can be retrieved at any time. This is an interesting solution for private houses, nursing services and owners and providers of holiday homes.

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CESeasy digital key with smartphone

CES CEMO motorised locking cylinder

CEMO motor cylinder

Automatic locking and unlocking procedure

The CEMO motor cylinder is an electromotive locking cylinder (knob cylinder) which automatically locks or unlocks doors or other closure devices. It is controlled by means of an integrated electronic controller which transmits either time-related access releases or individual releases to the motor cylinder.

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with mechanical locking systems

The CES electronic locking systems can be combined with the CES mechanical locking systems.

The combined key allows you to operate the mechanical cylinders and the electronic locking devices at the doors.

Mechanical locking systems
CES combination of electronic and mechanical locking systems