Safe and simple access: intelligent access control via smartphone

CESeasy is a battery-operated motor cylinder which is operated by smartphone. Digital keys can be issued to any desired smartphone combined with a short-term or constant authorisation, and they can be retrieved at any time. This is an interesting solution e.g. for private houses, nursing services and owners and providers of holiday homes.


Motor cylinder and door controller

The cloud-based key and lock management, and the door use with smartphones and Bluetooth® Low Energy, reduce the effort for users to a minimum and increase the operating comfort to a maximum.

Next to the CESeasy motor cylinder, the CESeasy door controller is available for automatic garage doors, barriers and automatic electrical sliding doors.

Both components can be operated either with a smartphone or with a remote radio control for even more range and convenience.


System components
Motor cylinder
Door controller
Remote control
Communication module
CESeasy software

The CESeasy motor cylinder is battery-powered and mounted to the door without any cables.

The CESeasy door controller is also battery-powered and is suited for automatic garage doors, barriers and electrical automatic sliding doors.

Alternatively to the smartphone, you can also operate the doors comfortably with a remote control.

The CESeasy communication module which communicates with the doors by radio, can be integrated into switching devices or alarm systems. Thus, complex functions, such as locking and unlocking a door and, at the same time, controlling the upper door opener which opens the door automatically, are easy to implement.

The software is available via any Internet browser and offers maximum safety and a high level of operating comfort when organising the locking system, and if a key has been lost. Digital keys can be issued to any desired smartphone combined with a short-term or constant authorisation, and they can be retrieved at any time.

Example of use

Open the front door with a key - this still is the most common way to regulate safe access to the living space. However, more and more houses are equipped with Smart Home Technology, which increases the requirements of a modern locking system. CESeasy allows you to assigned access rights individually, and dangers which may arise because of a lost key are eliminated. Alternatively, doors and accesses can be operated with the conventional mechanical key, with the smartphone, or with the remote control.

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Home care

Access for nursing staff

With CESeasy, people in need of nursing care are able to secure their flats, configure them in a barrier-free manner and, in addition, allow nursing staff access to their flat in an automated or personal manner.

Holiday home

Handing over keys made easy

When departing on their trip, the holiday guests receive their digital key on their smartphone. No trouble must be taken to hand over keys. When the holidays end, the tenant simply retrieves the digital key.

Smart Home

The key has been lost? No issue!

The CESeasy motor cylinder is easily fitted to your front door and, at the same time, offers high and certified protection against burglary. Thanks to the digital keys, you yourself decide who has access to your house.