CES locking systems

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CES locking systems provide security and comfort to many buildings around the globe. The mechanical, mechatronic and electronic locking systems are used by companies, event halls and sports complexes such as the Veltins Arena (Arena AufSchalke), in museums and concert halls like the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, in the government buildings in Berlin, in schools, universities and hospitals – and in Burj Khalifa, with over 800 meters the highest building in the world.

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Mathias Foundation

AccessOne access control system

The AccessOne access control system is used to organise access at the Ibbenbüren clinic and to optimise processes....


Hopfgartner – the plastics specialist

AccessOne access control system

‘From the genuinely competent advice and project planning, through to the user training and ...

The Max Planck InstituteElectronic handle sets safeguard critical areas

The Max Planck Institute uses a mechatronic locking system



Locking cylinders with stainless steel finish

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg contains more than 2,500 mechanical locking cylinders in stainless steel finish.


The Maria Hilf Hospital


In the Maria Hilf Hospital in Mönchengladbach, more than 2,300 doors were equipped with the electronic CES OMEGA FLEX locking system.


Michaelsberg Abbey

A mixture of mechanical and electronic components

A combination of electronic and mechanical locking systems secures the Abbey and the Forum on the Michaelsberg in Siegburg.


The Nümbrecht school complex


The CES OMEGA FLEX electronic locking system has to perform several tasks in the Nümbrecht school complex.

  • Mechanical locking system with undercut 1&1 company headquarters

    Safety for 1&1

    The CES system DU is used for the various buildings of the 1&1 Internet provider

    Because in the course of the 1&1 company history the number of buildings at their Montabaur headquarters was increasing, it also became increasingly difficult to administer the various master key systems of different manufacturers and, at the same time, offer the required security.
    When 1&1 was in search for a suitable manufacturer, CES was selected. They decided to install the innovative DU locking system with 3D key sections.

    The Facility Management of the Internet provider did not only want to install one master key system for all the buildings at their Montabaur headquarters, but they also wanted to have sufficient reserves, organisational security and protection of the investment in the future. In the end, the decision to award this order to CES was not only taken because of the complex master key system, but rather also because of the highly competent CES representative René Theunert, responsible for the sales area West.

    A coherent concept was elaborated in a cooperative partnership with Bernd Böckling from Peter Kliemann Spezial-Baustoffe Inh. B. Böckling Handels KG. Also the pleasant feel and high quality of the CES key convinced 1&1.
    The patent-protected master key system – with six spring-loaded main locking elements and four additional control and locking elements scanning the key section laterally – is used to organise access through the external and internal doors of the various buildings in Montabaur.

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  • High complexity of the mechanical locking system University of Oxford

    Tradition counts on tradition

    CES delivers a locking system to the renowned University of Oxford

    The academically excellent University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. With numerous buildings across the city of Oxford, it is a huge challenge for the UAS Facilities Management Team to secure all 19 buildings. A special challenge was the fact that the university has been growing for many years. In the end, various locking systems were used. Handling them required an immense administrative effort for the in-house technicians, and more and more lost keys could no longer be replaced.

    Consequently, Facility Management was looking for a suitable partner to make key administration much more efficient. The new locking system not only had to comply with the high security requirements for each individual locking cylinder, but it also ought to be expandable and reflect any organisational changes.

    A special profile was developed for the university. The protected mechanical locking system prevents unauthorised reproduction of keys. In addition, every locking cylinder is equipped with an anti-drilling and anti-pulling protection as a standard.

    CES provided the university with a key machine and blank keys, thus transferring the entire control of their locking system to the university which now can produce new keys quickly and efficiently.

  • CES OMEGA FLEX Hemshof Loft

    The new trend: living in a loft

    In the new HEMSHOF.LOFT in the former Don Bosco building, the dream of living in an exclusive, open-plan flat has come true in Ludwigshafen-Hemshof – a district which over the past years has lastingly changed from a working-class quarter to a lively, trendy district.

    After an extensive, comprehensive refurbishment of the listed building, on five levels 15 modern and partly barrier-free lofts were built which were designed and built according to the ideas of their future owners.

    In order to guarantee that the high requirements of functionality and design were also met for the door and security technology, the electronic locking system CES OMEGA FLEX was chosen. Next to the very user-friendly operation and access control of the system, in particular the unsurpassed flexibility in programming and installation situations spoke for themselves.

    The specialists for security technology were not only able to program and install all 25 cylinders and the 100 corresponding transponders in a very short time, but also the two wall terminals which were an individual special design for the projected video intercom system.

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