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User-friendly electronic locking system

From battery-operated electronic cylinders and electronic handle sets to wall terminals, the mechatronic components of CES OMEGA FLEX can be integrated into any door environment without extensive construction alterations. 

Electronic locking system

CES OMEGA FLEX: individual to suit your requirements

Whether you are looking to install an electronic locking system for a few doors and a few users or for hundreds of doors and large numbers of changing users, CES OMEGA FLEX can meet your needs.

Simplicity of fitting, minimal installation times and flexible programming and management options (online, offline or virtual) are all salient features of the CES OMEGA FLEX electronic locking system.

Since the system was entirely developed in-house by CES, we can adapt it to your individual wishes and requirements. 

Wireless, battery-operated electronic cylinder

System components

Electronic locking devices on doors and entrances

Electronic cylinders

Wide range of vaiants

These battery-operated electronic cylinders can be fitted quickly to doors without additional work. A range of variants offer solutions for almost any door. 

Electronic cylinders

Handle sets

High level of convenience

Electronic handle sets are easy to use and are suitable for both solid and tubular frame doors. CES offers weatherproof variants for outdoor use and economically priced handle sets for indoors.

Electronic handle sets

Wall terminals

Activate accesses

Wall terminals allow you to control automatic doors, revolving doors and barrier systems, i.e. entry points for which electronic handle sets and electronic cylinders are impractical.

Wall terminals


You can find further installation instructions and videos on our YouTube channel
Conversion made easy with the replacement handle set
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Installation instructions for the weatherproof handle set
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Installation instructions for the smart shield
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RFID furniture locks

for cabinet doors, lockable safes or lockers

Items of furniture can also be integrated into CES electronic master key systems. Using the same locking medium that they use for identification at access points, employees can now also operate furniture locks. 

More about furniture locks
RFID furniture locks
Weatherproof electronic handle set CES OMEGA FLEX
RFID furniture lock
Indoor electronic handle set
Smart shield electronic handle set CES OMEGA FLEX
Electronic cylinders CES OMEGA FLEX
Secure access control round the clock CES OMEGA FLEX
Employee access control system CES OMEGA FLEX
RFID furniture lock on sideboard
CES OMEGA FLEX wall terminal
Various locking media systems: LEGIC®, MIFARE®, 13.56 MHz CES OMEGA FLEX
Flexible central access control CES OMEGA FLEX

Programming and management

Needs-based programming options
Offline programming with master media

Offline with master media

The simplest way to programme locking devices is the offline variant with master media. These require no software. This variant is designed for small-scale applications with a small number of doors and users. 

Offline programming with netbook and RF-Stick

Offline with netbook and RF-Stick

Offline programming with a netbook and RF-Stick allows you to restrict access authorisation on a time basis. You modify the authorisations conveniently from your workstation through the software. The updates are sent to the locking devices wirelessly by RF-Stick via radio.

Online programming via Access-Points

Online with Access-Points

Online programming is recommended for complex, extensive building structures with large numbers of users and frequently changing access authorisations. The authorisations and the events at the doors are transmitted wirelessly from the Access-Points to the system by radio.

Virtual network – authorisation on locking medium

Programming in V-NET

In the V-NET variant, authorisations are programmed onto the locking media. If a key is lost, a new locking medium is programmed that blocks the lost key at the relevant entry points. V-NET is suitable where an online application using radio is not feasible.

All the methods of programming and management described here can be applied within an electronic locking system.

OSS Standard Offline

CES OMEGA FLEX devices are compatible with OSS

All mechatronic locking devices such as electronic cylinders and electronic handle sets  from CES are compatible with the OSS Standard Offline and support both MIFARE DESFire and LEGIC RFID systems.

The OSS standard, together with the easy-to-use configuration tools from CES, allow simple integration and make it easy to combine mechatronic locking devices in conventional access control systems.

Find out more about OSS
Compatible with OSS Standard Offline

Link to alarm systems

Link to alarm systems

To maintain its necessary integrity, intruder alarms require that doors are not opened while the system is armed.  This condition can be realised adequately with a potential-free switch such as a relay. 

When the intruder alarm is armed, the relay activates the radio controller, which immediately locks the electronic cylinder or handle set. The door remains locked, even to authorised locking media, until the relay enables entry once the alarm has been disarmed.

For emergency situations, e.g. for a fire-fighting operation, the CES OMEGA FLEX system offers an Emergency-Key that can override the lock and thereby release the door at any time.

Integration into third-party systems

Universal Radio Control (URC)

All CES OMEGA FLEX products are equipped with internal radio modules and are designed and prepared for integration into the central access controllers of various manufacturers. For integrators, CES offers a radio module and an API allowing integration into various applications.

Biometric systems or PIN code devices can thus, for example, be easily coupled to the locking devices by means of the radio control.  By entering the correct PIN or when the correct fingerprint is recognised, the door opening function is authorised. In the same way, intercom systems in each CES OMEGA FLEX system can open the door safely from a remote location.

Integration of Universal Radio Control into third-party systems


Selection of buildings with CES OMEGA FLEX

The Maria Hilf Hospital

In the Maria Hilf Hospital in Mönchengladbach, more than 2,300 doors were equipped with the electronic CES OMEGA FLEX locking system.

Michaelsberg Abbey

A mixture of mechanical and electronic components
A combination of electronic and mechanical locking systems secures the Abbey and the Forum on the Michaelsberg in Siegburg.

The Nümbrecht school complex

The CES OMEGA FLEX electronic locking system has to perform several tasks in the Nümbrecht school complex.

The Max Planck Institute

Electronic handle sets safeguard critical areas
The Max Planck Institute uses a mechatronic locking system

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