CES locking systems - the solution for your requirements

Here, you will find case examples regarding applications at a school, municipal buildings, retailers and office building. The case studies describe the general requirements and present the solutions found for specific situations.

School safety

A mixture of mechanical and electronic components

Access requirements at schools are complex. Who is authorised to access, where and when? How can external clubs use the sports facilities? Is there protection against vandalism and theft? How can anti-rampage cylinders increase safety in classrooms? The case study describes the individual issues.

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Office building, several tenants

Commonly used entrances, but separate offices

The case study describes how a virtual network has been installed to control the locking system and meet the requirements of the tenants. Our CES partner carried out the basic programming. The tenants programmed the ID cards themselves. When a card gets lost, they can react immediately and block the lost locking medium.

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Access control of a locking system across all branches

A big store chain with many branch offices and staff members wants to control access centrally from its headquarters. Although new employees receive their keys in advance, access is granted to them only from their first working day onwards. The virtually-linked locking system CES OMEGA FLEX issues authorisations in real time and over long distances.

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Local government

Central administration in the town hall

The local government wants to fit one single locking system to the town hall, public library, event hall and external property. The locking system is programmed by the municipal IT department, and data is transmitted to the locks at the doors with a notebook and RF-Stick by the in-house technicians.

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