Mechanical locking systems

High locking precision, security and quality

CES offers the right locking system for any requirement: factory-made locking systems, protected costumer profiles key section series, locks for the premium contract business, and special and furniture cylinders.

Locking systems

The right locking system for your organisation

Locking systems come into play if a minimum number of keys is to be used to lock and unlock various doors and areas within the space of an organisation. Locking systems reflect internal organisational structures and separate different functional sections from each other.

No matter whether it is one’s own home, the soccer stadium, a hospital or industrial building: Safety and comfort are decisive factors in all circumstances.

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CES mechanical locking system

Customer profile

Protected dealer profiles

CES offers patent-protected profile systems for customer profile key section series. Every CES partner receives his or her own unique profile. This ensures that only the corresponding CES partner can use this particular profile to manufacture keys and cylinders. The keys are available with a unique dealer embossing.

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Mortise locks

Locks which match your doors

There are many different kinds of doors and door usages. Consequently, their locks have to prove themselves in many different situations. Knowing which lock belongs to what kind of door is a science in itself.

We are happy to help you find the right solution for your door lock.

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Mechanical locking system with mortise lock

Furniture cylinders and special cylinders for the interior fixtures

Special cylinders and furniture cylinders

Optimum building protection - internally and externally

CES offers a comprehensive range of special and furniture cylinders for a large variety of interior applications.

To achieve a high product quality and long service life, we manufacture our furniture cylinders from brass and equip them with solid pin tumblers. With just a few exceptions, all special and furniture cylinders can be integrated into any locking system, even into a door locking system.

We would be happy to assist you.

A mixture of mechanical and electronic components

CES’s mechanical locking systems can be combined with their electronic locking systems.

The combined key allows you to operate the mechanical cylinders as well as the electronic locking devices at the doors.

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A combination of mechanical locking systems and electronic locking systems