CEMO motor cylinder

Automatic locking and unlocking procedure

The CEMO motor cylinder is an electromotive locking cylinder (knob cylinder) which automatically locks or unlocks doors or other closure devices. It is controlled by means of an integrated electronic controller which transmits either time-related access releases or individual releases to the motor cylinder.

To be fitted to existing doors

The motor cylinder can optionally be operated from the outside with mechanical keys, entering a code, RFID media combined with access control systems, or can be released with push buttons. On the inside, it is operated with a mechanical knob or a motion detector.

As it is easy to mount, the CEMO motor cylinder is often used to retrofit existing doors or closure devices.

The motor cylinder is completely compatible with all mechanical CES locking systems, starting with the S4000 system. It can be inserted in all locks prepared for Euro profile cylinders and supports the operation of locks with reversible latchbolt, dead-bolt only locks, multipoint locks and locks with anti-panic function.

Performance features

  • Very easy to mount, independent of the existing handle set
  • Extremely short opening and locking times (ca. 1.5 seconds for two deadbolt throws and latch)
  • Automatic identification of the locking function: Door opening direction (DIN left, DIN right), number of deadbolt throws and anti-panic function
  • Automatic daytime/nighttime-mode switchover by integrated timer
  • 5 potential-free inputs for permanent open mode (daytime latch function), daytime/nighttime-mode switchover under time control of access control systems, unlock door command, lock door command, door monitoring via door contact
  • 2 potential-free outputs to connect indicating devices for door status and operating errors