Student residence B6

Mannheim student union uses AccessOne access control system 

For students in Mannheim, the ‘Studierendenwerk’ or student union acts as YOUR PARTNER ON CAMPUS, providing support on a variety of welfare matters such as financial support (BAföG) and childcare for students’ children as well as offering counselling and advice.

Ein zentrales Angebot stellt dabei die Bereitstellung von bezahlbarem Wohnraum dar. Die Wohnhäuser des Studierendenwerkes bieten hochschulnahe und günstige Apartments oder WG-Zimmer: quer über die Stadt Mannheim verteilt.

Secure management of changing authorisations in the AccessOne software

Managing different buildings and organising processes

Authorisation profiles are defined in the software as they are required. These profiles contain locking devices in different user groups and time models. New students living in the residence are simply allocated the relevant authorisation profile. This reduces work and simplifies the issuing of access authorisations during the changeover of tenants and to allow access for tradespeople and cleaning staff.

In the new B6 residence building, the AccessOne software manages the authorisations for more than 200 electronic handle sets and over 50 cylinders. This reliably ensures that each student can only open the door to the apartment or room that they are renting in the building and not those of other students. The locking medium of each access authorisation is read by the wall terminals at the entrances to the building and access to the building is granted.

Scalable access control

Students who have also rented a parking space in the underground garage can also use their locking medium to open the entry gate to the garage.

The option of handling the parking area management using the access control software and the option of also integrating other modules such as time management for facility and cleaning personnel were persuasive for Ronald Ros, department head of project and process management. He is certain that future residential complexes will be conveniently managed in AccessOne using the multi-client function.

„The deciding factor for me was that the system is scalable and can thus respond to new requirements. Simple management and organisation of the rented units is, of course, the fundamental prerequisite. The functions that support other organisational processes and the interfaces with other management systems are, however, the added value that sets AccessOne apart for me.“

„The CES project planners were very reliable; the authorisation concept was well-designed and it was easy to get started quickly with the software, with a very helpful operating manual. I am more than satisfied with the implementation, provided by CES and Schlüssel Walter in partnership. And it is always good to know that a contact person is available and close by.“

Ronald Ros, head of project 
and  process management of Studierendenwerkes Mannheim 

Studierenden Wohnhaus B6
Studierendenwerk Mannheim
Studierendenzimmer AccessOne Zutrittskontrolle
Tiefgarage Studierendenwerk Mannheim
Zutrittskontrolle AccessOne Wandterminal