The Nümbrecht school complex

Safety fit for school

CES OMEGA FLEX in the Nümbrecht school complex: The electronic locking system contributes to converting the school into a place of trust and wellbeing.

Complex requirements profiles

Comprehensive solution

The new locking system performs several tasks at once. Until recently, a purely mechanical locking system was used at the Nümbrecht school complex, which is why the electronic locking system now offers many advantages:

  • Protection in the event of a lost key
  • Anti-rampage concept for classrooms and functional rooms
  • Adapted to the doors on the escape and emergency routes
  • Clear access authorisation management

Anti-rampage concept for classroom doors

Locking from the inside without locking medium

The requirement was to lock the classrooms from the inside as quickly as possible in the event of an external threat, but to unlock them at any time if required.

Thus, the doors to the classrooms were equipped with electronic double knob cylinders which can be unlocked from the outside with a transponder. On the inside, a mechanical knob is installed which can be operated at any time without locking medium. If there is a danger, the person closest to the door can simply turn the knob and thus safely lock the classroom. No unauthorised person can force their way into the locked classroom, but those in the classroom can leave it at any time. To do so, they simply have to push down the handle on the inside. This retracts the anti-thrust latch, and the door is unlocked. A module integrated into the knob cylinder ensures that the locking cam is automatically set back and that the lock mechanics are reliably reset.