Highly-convenient, vertical reversible key system

Contract business

WD is a patent-protected, vertical reversible key system with high locking precision. It complies with the complex requirements within a building concerning organisation, user-friendliness, economic efficiency, and of course safety.

The WD system not only includes technical features which offer protection against unauthorized key duplication, manipulation and attacks but also legal security as the key geometry enjoys patent protection. The combination of legal and technical protection against illegal duplication ensures the long-term protection of the operator’s investment.

An effective technical duplication protection against unauthorized key copying is provided by the actively-scanned double undercut in the key section. Due to this undercut, the key cannot be copied with traditional key copying machines because these only operate in two dimensions.

CES Vertical reversible key system for the contract business

System description

  • DIN 18252/EN 1303 compliant
  • In accordance with the VdS guidelines 2156 and 2386 for single locks and master key systems
  • 5/6 spring-loaded main locking elements on either cylinder side, consisting of 5/6 spring-loaded locking pins, working gradually and vertically
  • Up to 4 actively-locking, spring-loaded locking elements on either cylinder side in the shape of horizontally-guided pins which enable the positioning of a spring-loaded locking bar
  • 1 actively locking, spring-loaded locking element on either cylinder side in the shape of a horizontally-guided scanning pin which enables the positioning of a spring-loaded locking bar

  • At least one driver pin and all key pins on either cylinder side are made of hardened nickel-plated steel (as an additional standard protection against drilling)
  • Anti-scanning feature due to specially-shaped driver pins acting as a protection against picking tools.
  • A guiding groove along the entire cylinder plug ensures the positive transfer of the key torque.
  • Stable nickel-silver key in accordance with DIN regulations with bevelled key tip interacting with several differentiated radii
  • Registered reversible key system with vertical key guidance
  • Manufacturer profile for use in master key and grand master key systems
  • Also available in Swiss, British and Scandinavian profile.

CES combination of electronic and mechanical locking systems

Can be combined with electronic locking systems

CES’s mechanical locking systems can be combined with their electronic locking systems. The combination of both systems has often proven to be useful in practical applications.

The combined key allows you to operate the mechanical cylinders and the electronic locking devices at the doors.

The CES OMEGA FLEX electronic locking system