Our CES vario systems allow for a flexible application

New product variety

With CES vario the suitable lock always is on hand.

A small change, but a big effect: CESlocks has separated lock case and forend and thus, with CES vario, can offer a very flexible modular system with multiple benefits. Depending on the door profile, the lock case can simply be combined with the matching forend.

CES vario for solid leaf doors

Saves time, space and money

The separated storage of CES vario components at the dealer does not only save up to  80 % of storage space but also offers innumerable possible combinations. Thus, the matching lock for every customer can be assembled on-site.

High quality and safety

Two special Nirosta screws with integrated screw retention ensure that the forend remains fixed even under high loads.Long-term stress tests in accordance with DIN have shown that screwed forends are as firm as welded forends.


CES vario is available in three lock groups: the conventional contract business lock with backsets between 50 and 100 mm, the refurbishing lock with shortened lock case, and the front door lock with a 92 mm centre distance.

CES vario Flex for narrow frame doors

The flexible modular system CES vario Flex allows for a combination of over 140 tubular frame locks

Because all important dimensions of the lock, such ascentre distance, backset and frame dimensions, can be adjusted individually. This allows you to be optimally prepared on-site for every door and every situation.

High quality

Complies with the requirements of DIN EN 12209

Short reaction time

CES vario Flex allows you to install the required lock directly on-site. No waiting times because of ordering, delivery and installing.

Short assembly times

Very easy to mount with the easy-to-understand operating manual.

Reduced storage

This innovative lock system allows you to minimise the number of lock parts on stock, clearly reducing the investment costs.

Simple reordering

To refill the components kit after use, only those parts have to be reordered which have been installed. To this end, CESlocks offers retrofitting kits matching the individual backsets.