Electronic locking system for the contract business

CES OMEGA FLEX offers user-friendly access control.

From battery-operated electronic cylinders and electronic handle sets to wall terminals – the mechatronic components of CES OMEGA FLEX can easily be integrated into any existing doors without extensive buildings measures.


Scalable functionality

No matter if you want to install an electronic locking system for a few doors and users or for several hundreds of doors and changing users, CES OMEGA FLEX adapts to your requirements.

Simple assembly, shortest installation times, and flexible programming and administration (online, offline, virtual) are some of the strong features of the CES OMEGA FLEX locking system.

Having been completely developed in-house by CES, we are able to address your wishes and requirements.

You are already using staff ID cards in your company?
Practical experience has shown that the CES OMEGA FLEX locking components are able to read in existing ID cards on the basis of LEGIC or MIFARE.

CES OMEGA FLEX Smart shield for indoor areas

CES OMEGA FLEX Smart shield
CES OMEGA FLEX Weatherproof fittings
CES OMEGA FLEX Electronic cylinders
CES OMEGA FLEX Components for indoor and outdoor areas
CES OMEGA FLEX Safe access control 24/7
CES OMEGA FLEX Access control system for employees
CES OMEGA FLEX Wall terminal for indoor areas
CES OMEGA FLEX For usage with different transponders
CES OMEGA FLEX Access control for visitors

System components

Locking devices

Electronic cylinders

CES OMEGA FLEX Electronic cylinders

Electronic handle sets

CES OMEGA FLEX Electronic handle sets

Wall terminals

CES OMEGA FLEX Wall terminal

Locking media & transponder technologies

CES combined key

CES combined key



ID cards and key fobs

CES OMEGA FLEX transponder

Programming & Administration

Programming as required
CES OMEGA FLEX Offline master media

Offline with master media

The easiest way to program locking devices is to use master media in the offline variant. You do not need any software. This variant is suitable for smallest systems with just a few doors and some users. Its disadvantages are: You cannot limit access in time.

CES OMEGA FLEX Offline with netbook and RF-Stick

Offline with netbook and RF-Stick

Using a netbook and RF-Stick for the offline programming allows you to limit access authorisations in time. You can edit the authorisations comfortably in the software at your work space. Changes are transmitted to the locking devices with the netbook and the RF-Stick.

CES OMEGA FLEX Online with Access Points

Online with Access-Points

For complex and spacious buildings with many users and frequently changing access authorisations, online programming is recommended. Authorisations and events at the doors are transmitted to the system with the integrated Access-Points.

How to program CES OMEGA FLEX in V-NET

Programming in V-NET

The V-NET variant saves the authorisations on the locking media. When a key gets lost, the authorisation is saved on a new locking medium, which blocks the lost one at the doors to which it was authorised. V-NET is your choice if it is not possible to connect the online use by radio.


Some buildings which were equipped with CES OMEGA FLEX

The Maria Hilf Hospital

In the Maria Hilf Hospital in Mönchengladbach, more than 2,300 doors were equipped with the electronic CES OMEGA FLEX locking system.

Michaelsberg Abbey

A mixture of mechanical and electronic components
A combination of electronic and mechanical locking systems secures the Abbey and the Forum on the Michaelsberg in Siegburg.
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