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Cloud and web-based electronic locking system

CESentry is the new cloud-based electronic locking system from CES. It consists of an organisation system and a new generation of locking and access devices. The devices have a contemporary look and their design is based on future-proof technologies.

Access rights are saved and managed securely in the cloud. The organisation system can be managed using the CESentry AdminApp or the web client. The web client and AdminApp each offer the same scope of functions. The AdminApp offers speedy operation from a smartphone, while the web client is browser-based. For larger systems, the web client provides users with a convenient user interface and a clearer overview. The locking devices can be operated either with a smartphone via the CESentry AccessApp or using RFID media.

Basic or Business licence

The CESentry apps are available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Use of the locking systems is based on system licences. The free Basic licence is suitable for private households and small businesses, offering 20 IDs plus the option of a further 20 IDs for a payment. For larger businesses and public institutions the fee-based Business licence is available with 100 IDs, and expandable up to a system size of 1,000 IDs. An ID can be a locking device, a smartphone or a RFID locking medium. The Basic licence can be upgraded to the Business licence.

Cloud-based locking system offers many advantages

Given a reliable internet connection, the electronic locking system can be administered at any time, from anywhere in the world using any end device (PC, tablet or smartphone). Users of the locking system require no IT infrastructure and no software needs to be installed.

When the system is commissioned, the system-related locking devices and RFID media are already included in the back-end of the CESentry AdminApp. The system data is held securely in the cloud and the access authorisations are always up to date. System security is regularly inspected and certified by independent, accredited organisations. Responsibility for system security lies with the provider.

System updates run in the background

The CESentry AccessApp and the locking device communicate via the smartphone's Bluetooth® Low Energy connection. Data is transmitted when the door is actuated, without the user being aware of it. The access authorisation is checked and authorisations of other users for this locking device are updated or blocked, device configurations can be modified and events from the locking devices are transmitted. In the same way, updates to the software and/or system are sent to the locking devices. This application saves time and costs for the operator of a CESentry system, as service tasks and passages through the doors are kept to a minimum.

Events and system messages by push notification

Events can be viewed and evaluated via the CESentry AdminApp and the operator can see who has actuated which door and when. Push notifications can be defined for important events. These are then received directly on the smartphone. This enables, for example, a low battery or access attempts by an unauthorised person to be quickly detected. The same applies if a key is lost - either an RFID key or a smartphone authorisation can be blocked in the AdminApp and the rest takes place automatically.

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