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CEStronics GmbH and CESlocks GmbH merge with the parent company C.Ed. Schulte GmbH Zylinderschlossfabrik

We want to inform you that our subsidiaries

  • CEStronics GmbH, Friedrichstr. 243, 42551 Velbert
  • CESlocks GmbH, Mettmanner Str. 119, 42549 Velbert

merged with the parent company

  • C.Ed. Schulte GmbH Zylinderschlossfabrik, Friedrichstr. 243, 42551 Velbert,

and that this came into effect as of 1 August 2017 upon entry in the Commercial Register.

Existing contracts with the above mentioned subsidiaries remain in force and, as a consequence of the universal succession due to the entry in the Commercial Register, are transferred to C.Ed. Schulte GmbH Zylinderschlossfabrik.

For further information, please refer to the information letter to our customers and suppliers.